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Medical Services for everyone

Victoria Clinic is a multidisciplinary health care facility which was established in December 2009 at 50 Luis Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad. At Victoria Clinic we provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, in a secure area with ample parking. At Victoria Clinic, we aim to provide timely and effective delivery of health care services utilising both Eastern and Western medical treatment and healing protocols. Our philosophy is based on the empowerment of clients through education so that they will become more accountable and proactive in their quest for healthy lifestyles.

Basic Medical

This is a consultation for an acute problem such as a cold, or injury.

Executive Medical

We recognize the need for preventative care for the professionals in this fast paced world. An executive medical includes thorough medical interview and examination, a full battery of diagnostic tests as suited for the individual and a light breakfast is included.

Healthy Person Medical

Every year, each member of the family should be seen by their health care provider so as ensure the proactive process in preventative medicine. During a healthy person medical a full medical examination is carried out, your immunization details are updated, and applicable screening tests are recommended and/or conducted.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is a consultation based on the diagnostic model of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It lasts about 45 minutes, and involves an interview and tongue, pulse and abdominal diagnosis according to the TCM model.

Victoria Clinic

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