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Nov 1

Women’s Health – The Big Picture

Women’s Health – The Big Picture

A lively and informative chat on overall women’s health with Dr Asante VanWest-Charles Le Blanc at AFETT Social Outreach.

Apr 19

Letter – Water in the Morning

Dear Dr. Le Blanc, I have heard a lot about drinking hot water and lemon juice first thing in the morning as a detox method. Could you advise me on how to use this method. Specifically, how much lemon juice, how long should I do this for and how often. I would also like to […]

Apr 19

Letter – Anxiety

Dear Doctor, I am 40 year old woman and am having issues with anxiety. My heart races from time to time that at times I can’t breathe. I feel some chest pain sometimes as well. Sometimes I even jump out of my sleep with palpitations and I find I am nervous a lot and also […]

Apr 15

Letter – Weightloss

Dear Doctor, I want to lose weight, I am tired of crash dieting and I am tired of being fat. I want to start and take care of myself before I get sick. My family has pressure and sugar and I want help to lose weight. I exercise sometimes, but I love food. Is there […]